The only system in the world that blocks all cyber attacks within organizational networks,
including new and unknown attack methods

The system will protect the organization against the next unknown attack, even if it bypasses all other defense systems

What makes us different?
Blocking With No Detection
(We block all attacks, without having to identify them first)

Cyber 2.0 renders most other cybersecurity systems obsolete

Cyber 2.0 Blocks All Attacks

  • Information leakage
  • All types of Ransomware Attacks, including Wannacry that caused severe damage to numerous organizations worldwide
  • Intel’s Specter and Meltdown
  • All malicious programs (viruses, Trojan horses, browser hijacking, etc.)
  • CPU exploitation by Bitcoin mining malware
  • Any new attack, including unknown attacks
  • All attacks on the following organizations would have been prevented with Cyber 2.0: JPMorgan Chase, Democratic National Committee ,Deloitte, Uber, Target, Yahoo, Banks in 18 countries…

The Proof – Within a Week

  • The system is installed on a number of computers, in monitor mode only
  • Within a week, Cyber 2.0 points at all malicious programs that have not been detected, exposed or blocked by other systems deployed in the organization
  • We also prove, that Cyber 2.0 does not fail to detect any malware, that was successfully detected by other defense systems

Clients’ Responses Prior to Deployment

  • "It’s too good to be true."
  • "Sounds like overclaiming."
  • "We don’t believe one system can be the answer to all cyber security needs."
  • "How can the system block all attacks, even if unknown?"

Clients’ Responses Post Deployment

Corporation of America

"We have integrated and evaluated the Cyber 2.0 system in our testbed, and find it a unique solution with high value for the protection of critical systems and facilities."

“IT managers are trapped in two endless loops:
1. Limited budget in face of growing security needs.
2. The never ending arms race between hackers and cyber companies. Cyber 2.0 offers a complete solution to both challenges.”

“A week ago, our organization faced an attack that had the potential to lead to its complete paralysis. The attackers attempted to change passwords on the servers, block existing users, and plant a remote access malware. Cyber 2.0 completely blocked the attack and helped us trace its source.”

Challenges in Cyber Security

  • There is No real defense against new threats
  • Attackers are always one step ahead
  • Firewalls can be bypassed or penetrated (either maliciously or unintentionally)
  • Cybersecurity companies study the organization, then alert when anomalies are detected, and therefore:

1.   Existing solutions are time-consuming and organization-specific


2.   Anomaly detection is benchmarked to a baseline database, legitimizing malicious programs, that are already in the system. For example, any existing information leakage will never be detected


3.   Not every anomaly is a cyber-attack, therefore, cyber systems only alert Each organization handles thousands of alerts every day, mostly false positives As a result, real threats are exposed only after infection or attack has already taken place

Cyber 2.0 provides a comprehensive solution to all cybersecurity challenges

Cyber 2.0 Superior in its:

What is Cyber 2.0

Superior Methodology

Does not rely on the infected computer (which is likely to be uncontrollable), but instead operates in the virtual space between the computers. In fact, the organization’s uninfected computers block the attack (patented technology)

Does not need to study the organization’s routine

Does not use existing attack database

The Cyber 2.0 system is based on mathematical chaos models, that cannot be breached (patented technology), whereas both defensive and offensive cyber systems are based on biological models, making them vulnerable to penetration by systems using similar models (virus vs. antivirus)

The Cyber 2.0 system is risk-free, and does not cause network slowdown or overload

Our Main Advantages

Superior Results

While other systems block most cyber attacks, Cyber 2.0 blocks them all, including new cyber attacks

Stops all malicious programs (existing and future) from connecting to their creators, effectively preventing remote access to compromised computers

Blocks all information leaks, even if they predate the Cyber 2.0 deployment

Completely unassailable, rendering attempts at reverse engineering ineffective (patented technology)

Nonstop defense: The system will continue to defend the organization, even when the system itself is attacked or breached (patented technology)

Does not alert; simply blocks malicious software, without false positives or delayed response to real threats

Cyber 2.0’s Registered Patents

  Unique scrambling system - Chaos Engine (Approved: US 9.838,368)

  Unique server support system - (Approved: US 9.794,277)

  Unique Gateway system (before Firewall)

  Reverse Tracking Technology System

  The technology that renders reverse engineering ineffective

  The system for creating multiple Vlans without the use of hardware

  The system for automatic creation of Dynamic Lists

Our Products



Installed on each
client and server

Cloud Server     Cloud Server

Management Server

Physical, virtual or cloud based



Deployed between the network and various other networks, as well as not supported network devices

Cyber 2.0 is designed for:


Large Organizations & Enterprises

(Organization’s server)



(cloud-based servers)



Including private users
(Next phase)



including autonomous cars
(Next phase)

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