This is not a company who presents a revolutionary firewall…
This is not a company who presents a new anti-virus…
This is not a company with a new IPS/IDS product, who reduces the risk of cyber attack…
This is a revolution in the cyber arena
A change of the rules, and a solution that was considered impossible until now
What is Cyber 2.0

What characterizes Cyber 2.0?

The only system that is one step ahead of the attackers

It will stop the next unknown virus, which probably will bypass the firewall

The system works even when all other early detection systems (firewalls, antivirus, etc.) fail or are being bypassed

First time installation of the system in an organization, reveals and blocks all malicious programs

Immediate results for the organization

Our Main Advantages

Cyber 2.0 Advantages

Currently, there are no known cyber defense systems, that offer the same comprehensive solution to organizations, including new style of attacks, as Cyber 2.0

Prevents spreading of malicious software and virus in the organization and outside the organization

Blocks information Leakage from infected computers

The system prevents any remote control or similar attempts

The system prevents the ability of malicious software to connect to their creator

The system protects itself from attacks and reverse engineering attempts

The system defends the network even when it is under a disabling attack

Real-Time Updated Analysis

Real Time Analysis

Provides full analysis of entire network traffic

Provides real-time overview of any form of attack on the network

Traps malicious code or attack for future analysis

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What is Cyber 2.0

How Firewall Companies Work

Free movement between the computers within organization, while in/out is via firewall

The problems:

Attackers are always one step ahead

They do not offer real protection against new threats

Most systems can be easily overridden by using: Disk-on-Key, Emails and more

Most, if not all organizations, are infected in some capacity

Our Main Advantages

How Anti-Virus, IPS/IDS Software Work

Hundreds of companies, who differ in technology, but with the same principle: First they Study the organization, then discover anomalies, and alert.

The problems:

Require thorough study of the organization (time and money)

Anomaly detection is benchmarked to starting point : malicious programs are being considered as legitimate programs

Not every anomaly is a cyber attack- that’s why they can only alert

Most alerts are false positives, and when it is a real alert, it is done after the infection or attack had already taken place

Cannot guarantee complete success

Real-Time Updated Analysis

Why Cyber 2.0 is different

No need for pre-study the organization’s routine

No need to rely on previous malicious software databases to operate

No need for complicate deployment

No need to disable the computer or to alert of anomalies

No false positives!

Does not alert after the infection or attack has already taken place

There is no risk, slowdown, overload or any other side effects on other installed systems

Cyber 2.0 Landmarks

  • Patent: Cyber 2.0 has 6 Registered Patents
  • Israeli Chief Scientist: Selected the company
    and provided its support
  • Checked: The System has been checked by the E&Y Cyber Defense team
  • Customers: The system has been successfully installed in multiple organizations, and its different products have been extremely well received
landmarks landmarks

Our Products



Installed on each
client and server



Manages alerts, client and
various other functions

Cloud Server

Cloud Based Service

Management and



Prevents data leakage from infected computers and protection-disabled computers

First Layer

Cyber 2.0 Has 6 Registered Patents

Unique scrambling system – the heart of the system
Unique server support system
Unique Gateway system
The Pearl Chain Technology
A system that is protected from Reverse engineering
The ability to create multiple Vlans, without the use of hardware

The System Is Designed For



In-house / cloud Based servers



Including private users

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